In therapy for getting physical

It’s been 2 weeks since the TCS New York City Marathon and I still haven’t been able to run. It’s driving me crazy.

Throughout my training for the marathon, I had issues with my right leg. My right hip would feel like it was cramping up. My right knee would ache during my longer runs. I just trained through it.

Factor in a marathon an hour and a half longer than planned, and I’m paying the price.

After any marathon you’re going to be sore. Stairs are a particular problem. Your legs don’t work correctly. They won’t hold your weight as you go down. And there are A LOT of stairs in Manhattan. I had a few comical moments of sliding my hands down hand rails trying to “fall” down stairs as gracefully as possible. Just as a side note, this does not work well during rush hour on the subway.

But when that soreness and tenderness lingered on my right knee specifically, I gave the physical therapists at JAG Physical Therapy a call. They had worked on my marathon teammate Lisa Mateo and got her back to marathon form to run a 4 hour race.

My physical therapist’s name is Billy. His expertise was immediately apparent, and he is a pleasure to be around. I’ve gone to two sessions at their Madison Avenue location, and I’m already feeling so much better. All functional pain is gone.

So of course, I got a little too excited and decided to go out for a short run this morning.

Bad idea. I had only gone a half a mile before my knee told me, in no unclear terms, that we needed to stop.


Back to the boring gym. Lifting weights and walking on a treadmill on a high incline.

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